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Copernicus Helped Major Pharma Company Achieve 60% Cost Saving, Improved Efficacy and Increased Outreach of Their CME Credit Process for Medical Practitioners


The Business Challenge

Our client, a major pharma company, operating in Asia Pacific geo, wanted to make it easier for Healthcare Professionals to meet their mandatory continuing education requirements and at the same time, reduce their own cost in arranging the educational events for Doctors. Additionally, the client was looking for avenues to increase the reach of its product awareness and literature amongst health care professionals.

 The Solution

Copernicus designed a one-stop solution for all these inter-related challenges by developing an online education delivery system. This portal helps medical professionals gain CME credits via relevant training or seminars at their own pace and with minimalistic costs to the company as well as the practitioner. The system, however, ensures the most crucial aspect of these trainings – consumption of content in its entirety – without skipping or fast-forwarding for the sake of completion.

The Copernicus Charm

Copernicus helped the client achieve phenomenal results of 60% cost saving,  enormous saving in time, and an increased reach with more than 1500 professionals attending the program. It further aided the marketing of their product literature.

Our Stepped Approach

Understanding The Need

Health care professionals need to undergo Continuous Medical Education (CME) every year to continue their registration as a medical health-care professional. Education can be in the form of seminars, workshops, training programs. Each program they attend earns certain points, and professionals need to obtain a certain number of points every year. These programs need to be pre-approved by the regulatory authority to count towards CME. Attending such CME programs involves cost of attending (travel, accommodation) for the professional and also requires significant nonproductive time spent in traveling to attend the programs. At the same time, the company hosting or sponsoring the program (medical supply company/pharmaceutical company) must also be able to show benefits on its investment in the program.

Crafting The Solution

Copernicus proposed to build a portal for online delivery of the program content, whereby the medical care professional could attend/cover/undergo the program from the convenience of his location and at a time and pace that suits their hectic schedules. It was designed to eliminate the need to travel and promote cost-saving for the attendees and organizers.

Key features of the portal:

–  Content Access workflow to ensure only approved candidate would access the content

– Content presentation system to ensure videos cannot be skipped, fast-forwarded, and thus, the system cannot be manipulated

– Point management system to keep track of the CME programs covered and the points earned.

. Feature to allow pausing the content and resume later, ensuring convenience for the health care professional.

Implementing The Solution

The solution was implemented using Open source Technology (Drupal), ensuring the minimal implementation and technology cost, while providing maximum flexibility. It ensures all the required features can be implemented with ease. The solution has built-in analytics. The client is not only able to monitor the progress of health care professional towards his CME but is also able to gauge the interest of the health care professional in the company’s products. This helps the company is designing better promotional material for its products and improve RoI on its marketing efforts.

Why Copernicus?

Copernicus started as an IT services provider to the healthcare industry and thus has more than a decade of experience in delivering effective solutions to healthcare companies. Our deep understanding of the healthcare domain backed up with our sound and ever-evolving technology skillset, help us maximize benefits for our customers.