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Enterprise Performance Management: Plan, Budget and Forecast Effortlessly


As a Chief Financial Officer, you are concerned with budgeting, planning, and forecasting, and hence, always on the lookout for software which will help in the consolidation and analysis of data.

It is a software that will not only help in collaboration, automation, and business intelligence, but also map out your process from goals to plans to actions and integrate all financial reports and records into one.

And we have the perfect solution to your dilemma!

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Software.

One that is often mistaken for a Financial Management software.

Because it aids in the financial close process and forecasts sales for up to 5 years.

But that’s a misconception!

Because an EPM is much more than that.

An EPM is loaded with a plethora of functionalities.

It is an all-in-one software that single-handedly deals with modeling, budgeting, data consolidation, financial close, and performance analysis.

It is an integral part of your business, one that affects most departments and is used by all – Operations, IT, Sales, Marketing, Finance, and even HR!

Cloud-based, user-friendly software that will help you deliver the best solutions using industry data and insights.

How does an EPM benefit you?

1.It is a cloud-based alternative to Excel

While Excel itself is truly indispensable,to forecast future performance, you need something with advanced functionalities. Something less susceptible to human error, something to place you ahead of the herd.

Ergo, EPM!

2. Visualize the integrated plans

What were my goals?

How far have I been able to align my progress with them?

What do I need to change to get there?

Looking at a holistic view of your plans will help you answer all these questions, respond to changes and adapt to regulations.

3. Streamlining of account reconciliation

Labor intensive and time-consuming tasks like these require automation the most.

EPM will help you speed up this process and address all privacy issues and risks associated with it simultaneously.

4. Make sure tax and corporate reporting are on the same page

Tax laws are updated every now and then. It’s such a bother keeping up with every single update.

Thus, we recommend the usage of a single system that tables all your data and processes under tax and finance for the most effective tax reporting.

This system will have the up-to-date laws at hand and hence you need not have multiple reporting systems to keep aligning the corporate finances and taxes!

In short, an EPM has everything that will satisfy the requirements of a CFO, who is handling several entities under him.

And that’s why you should gun for the best when it comes to choosing the EPM that will end up saving your time and meaningless labor.

That’s why Copernicus Consulting employs one of the best in the field.


Infor’s Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management software (d/EPM) is the thrust you need to envisage a comprehensive view of your business and work towards leveraging all that information for better performance!

The software expertly combines the pillars of Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management to aid in the collaboration of departments and automation of processes.

1. Planning

The EPM dashboard will have a complete overview of your financial and sales data and even the slightest change will be reflected there, in real-time. This dashboard will give you all the data you need to prepare your sales report and forecast

2. Budgeting

Infor’s dEPM knows how to validate your manual statistics and forecasts using predictive analytics.

So while it aces the whole budgeting process, why don’t you concentrate on more integral jobs which can’t be done by software?

3. Reporting

It encapsulates the planning, budgeting, and forecast into a single package and makes reporting a piece of cake!

Further, it collates data and feedback from multiple sources to form this report.

4. Strategy Management

Probably the principal job of the software.

Realization of targets using data and industry insights.

It takes on the overall planning- cost allocation and workforce management. 

Spike in demand of staff? d/EPM tells you.

Issues with cost management? d/EPM informs you.

It will also keep track of the millions of industry regulations, which are changing every day and raises an alert if it thinks you are at risk of non-compliance.

But let’s see why EPMs are a must-have if you’re dabbling in the fields of Healthcare, Pharma and Insurance!


EPM provides a centralized platform for all care providers to refer to. This helps in visibility, control, and provides a standardized mode of treatment.

Hospitals can leverage business insights to predict how to make the procedures more cost-effective and yet boost profitability.


EPM helps pharmaceutical companies go for better, more informed investment decisions. It draws data from market production and optimized risk analytics to forecast performance and the required budget.

Collects data on patient outcomes and other health insights to build a relationship of trust with the customers. It can effectively pool data from different sources that can convince the customer of the benefits your product brings for their health.


In an industry as highly competitive as the insurance industry, you invariably need to put your best foot forward to be seen and heard among customers.

An EPM will make that infinitely easier for you by cutting out finance and time expenses.

Not only does it optimize business processes with better time management, but it also makes the process of planning and budgeting more efficient.

It assists in regulating working processes better and even adjusts production processes so that they align with changes in customer demand.

These three industries have the most to achieve from the Infor’s dEPM and Copernicus Consulting knows exactly how to get the best out of it!

For the seamless integration of processes, better automation, and increased mobility, this is a software you should give serious consideration to.

It is among the most in-demand software of the sought after Infor’s suite.

Wait no more. Get a demo. You’re bound to be smitten!

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