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Smartsheet has proved to be a groundbreaking addition to all the healthcare and pharma companies. 

Healthcare management deals with a lot of complex and confidential issues. In this industry, it is imperative for everybody- patients, providers, and medical administrators to be on the same page. For treatment, for payment, for the security of confidential medical and personal information, all the data and updates of a patient or even a whole hospital needs to be available to the right party at the right time. A moment of delay might place a life at risk.

The same goes for the organization and management of pharma companies. From lab to trials to markets- this massive network requires a common system. A single place to accumulate all data and update it if and when required. This will make the communication between all entities smoother and will alert all centers in case of a certain trial going wrong. It is also majorly important in helping a pharma company stay on track- for design, approval, trial, manufacturing, and marketing.

Smartsheet is a US listed company operating in over 190 countries across the world. Let’s find out how they can potentially radicalize the fields of healthcare management in Asia.


Healthcare as an industry probably needs the highest levels of coordination and ease of collaboration, as confusion, misunderstanding, and delay in (relaying) information can cost lives.

Smartsheet can prevent communication gaps with a real-time access of information.

Usage of Smartsheets does not need any prior technical knowledge or longer training hours, which is apt for Healthcare, as the organization cannot afford long training hours. 

Using the dashboards, employees will be able to update and report data in seconds, so that all teams have the required critical information regarding the patient. This will lead to quicker decision making, eliminating potential risks, and possibly saving many lives.

This system greatly improves communication and alignment between all departments and boosts the productivity of the medical teams as a whole.

When it comes to healthcare, data security is also a major concern.

There is PII – Person Identifiable Information and its need for safeguarding. Under HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), a person’s Protected Health Information and other confidential communication that may have been shared with doctors and nurses cannot be disclosed.

Smartsheet is HIPAA approved and has been used by healthcare providers across the USA in storing and accessing confidential data about the patient for the provision of required healthcare.

Smartsheet’s job is four-fold:

  1. Management of clinical trials and tests

Keep test details, contact information, previous records, and progress of treatment at a single location which can be accessed directly by care providers.

  1. Organization and Updating of Provider Credentials

Verify physician credentials and check if insurance is up-to-date.

  1. Onboarding of New Medical Teams

Onboard new employees, track their training, and gauge their progress.

  1. New clinics, acquisitions, and mergers

To maintain transparency and accountability between teams and companies involved, keeping a real-time update of project status – be it a new hospital, a merger, or even an acquisition.


Smartsheet has proved to be a godsend for pharma companies across 50 countries and can prove to be a time-saver and life-saver for pharma companies operating in Asia. Most of these pharmaceutical companies operate across different countries. Therefore, they need updated information on approvals and trials at all times.

These companies have targets for themselves- in terms of dates and numbers. To achieve these targets, scientists, lab technicians, and project managers work hand-in-hand, on days at an end. Mismanagement of either a process or misplaced data can put the work of hundreds and lives of thousands at risk!

Get the drugs to the trial centers.

Get the drugs to the market.

Get the drugs to patients.

These 3 steps require a chain of processes spanning years.

It starts with the design of the drug and its approval (the easiest part)

Then comes the difficult and unpredictable part-trials. The trial centers need to be trained and certified and then the trials have to be tracked and monitored rigorously, in real-time. This is where there are pitfalls, casualties, and other unexpected events. During this period, all healthcare providers, drug manufacturers, and trial centers need to be updated every second, to prevent further casualties.

Pharma companies have been using excel spreadsheets for information tracking and sharing since the start, but it is expensive, time-consuming and for the most part, ineffective. That is because, via email, the information does not reach all the people involved at the same time, and in many cases, by the time the email reaches a few people, the information is outdated.

But with Smartsheet, it is ONE location to update information, monitoring details, and precautions all round the world. Thousands of employees and trial centers can get information about patient enrollment and side-effects at the same time. Unlike excel spreadsheets, Smartsheet allows for specific information to be shown to specific users, ensuring security and confidentiality of information.

This saves everybody time and money. It helps the pharma company reset deadlines, redefine its business goals, and achieve its set targets.

Conclusion and Partnership

Smartsheet has been working in close quarters with 72% of Fortune 500 companies. Imagine the trust and credibility it has earned across the world! We at Copernicus are humbled to be the distributor with this software giant in South Asia and India.

Based in Singapore, Copernicus Consulting is invested in the field of IT Consulting and offers a plethora of CIO, CMO, and CFO services. It gives us immense pleasure to partner with Smartsheet. This partnership is aimed to benefit pharma and healthcare companies across Asia in the management of patient records, healthcare provisions, drug trials and manufacturing, administration, and human resources.

If you are a healthcare or pharma company in Asia, big or small, we want you to take this opportunity to reach out to us to discover how we can help you.

For better management. For better visibility. For better data security.

Go for it. Get a demo. NOW!

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