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Copernicus Helped Major Pharma Company Achieve 60% Cost Saving, Improved Efficacy and Increased Outreach of Their CME Credit Process for Medical Practitioners

Pharma Case Study
Case Studies

The Business Challenge

A leading pharma company in the Asia Pacific region, our client had a three-fold business challenge to solve. They needed to boost product awareness among healthcare professionals, lower cost of educational events and literature for doctors and supply healthcare professionals with access to mandatory continuing education.

The Solution

Copernicus came up with a one-stop solution for all three interconnected issues – online education delivery system!

Now their medical professionals can grab CME credits at minimum cost to both the professional and the company. And what’s more- it’s self-paced, so no matter what your financial or familial situation, you can complete this at ease.

The one place this system does not compromise on, however, is the completion of the course in detail, without skipping or taking shortcuts.

The Copernicus Charm

And how did our solution affect their program?

60% cut in cost. Massive amount of time saved. Spike in program attendees( almost 1500). 


Boost in marketing product literature.

Understanding the Need

Continuous Medical Education (CME) credits are a must for a healthcare professional if they hope to keep their license as a medical professional active. There is a minimum number of credits they need to achieve annually and for that, they need to attend certain authorized seminars, workshops or training programs. The cost of travel and accommodation is borne by the professional and they have to take into account the non-productive time spent on the travel. On the other hand, pharma companies and medical authorities hosting these events should also be able to show some ROI for the events.

Crafting the Solution

Our online education delivery system came as a boon to the medical professionals. They can avail of these events in the comfort of their home and at any time or pace that fits into their hectic schedules. 


Time and money saved on the part of both parties, attendees and organizers.

Key Features of the Portal

  1. Content access mechanism to make sure only authorized and permitted candidates access the material.
  2. Videos can neither be skipped nor is there a fast-forward option. The content must be consumed in entirety.
  3. Efficient point management system to keep check of and count credits earned.
  4. Pause and Resume options available, to suit time and pace of the attendee.

Implementing the solution

The solution we went with was Open Source Technology- Drupal. 

Maximum flexibility and user-friendliness at minimum cost of implementation.

It has state-of-the-art analytics technology built in, to check the medical professionals progress and for the client to ascertain how invested the employee is in their products.

This helped the client remodel their promotional material and improve ROI of marketing.

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