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Case Studies

In Robotic Process automation, there are times when certain complexities are encountered which are known as ‘Exceptions’. To tackle such exceptions certain tools need to be used which ensures that processes are running smoothly without any disruption.  An effective tool is required to ensure that all the processes are running efficiently; aimed to tackle simple to complicated front office & back office procedures.  This custom build tool requires minimum human assistance and increases the efficiency of RPA manifold.   The added human component to the Bot gives a direction to these RPA processes and instructs them to return to the exact point for resuming with the next steps in the process.

For bridging this gap Copernicus has built a customized tool that ensures minimum human interference; the HumBot approach needs an instrument that can be used as separate set of components to establish communication with the automation anytime and anywhere for effective exception handling.

Challenges and need:

RPA involves a large volume of repetitive tasks that are rule-based. Deploying an RPA also requires a certain level of human interaction to tackle the complexities encountered along with the handling of exceptions.  A lot of human interference nullifies the whole concept of RPA; also there are times when a robot throws a business exception while processing a transaction in an application. Such complexities are needed to be checked every time when any kind of application error is encountered hence to bridge this gap automation’s main code requires maintenance that tells them what to do in case of an exception.


Copernicus designed a customized tool which bridges this gap, a HumBot interaction platform is deployed, by using distributed architecture which establishes a real- time interaction between the user and TaskBot by enhancing RPA.  The tool aims towards automation of 12 different processes across Order To Cash and Procure to Pay procedures. The tool establishes an interaction with BOT through RESTful API design; it has an intuitive user interface for users.

The processes that are automated:

The automation of processes gives the organization a lot more time to spend on building the pipeline and engaging with the customers. Using the virtual workforce, one would be able to focus more on nurturing their leads as the repetitive processes are now automated. With the help of the customized tool the steps requiring human attention during the whole completion of the processes of ‘order to cash’ as well as ‘procure to pay’ can run smoothly without any hindrance. 

Features of the tool:

1.    Role-Based Access: restricts network access which ensures that lower-level employees do not have access to sensitive data.

2.    Actions: Resolve / Complete / Approve / Reject / Manual Processing – to send data back to BOT for processing subsequent steps

3.    Upload Documents with version control: integrates work done simultaneously by different employees on a single project, enables to upload and view different versions of same project i.e., version control (with updated changes in every file, every version is available)

4.    Download / Export data as Excel:  With automation, it becomes easier to access, calculate, analyze, and retrieve real-time data report on a day to day basis.

5.    User notifications and reminders (email) with escalation matrix: Reminder and escalation emails are sent if a particular invitee is not available to take the desired action when repetitive requests goes unanswered an escalation of processes is done.

6.    Intuitive User Interface to view pending/completed actions:  by using a trigger and schedule automated events for applications that do not have easy to use or availability of complete application user interface.

7.    Backend Schedules and Jobs: It is designed to automate your day to day manual tasks. It helps in the execution of tasks after certain hours or to free up the IT administrator from daily tasks.

8.    Audit Trails: Irrefutable audit trials, keep an intact log of everything which eliminates the possibility of record tempering and malicious activities.

Implementing the solution:

The solution was implemented by developing a custom-built tool. Soon after the implementation of the tool was done, it facilitated key improvements; the company’s stakeholders saw a visible difference after the application of the tool. Copernicus designed the tool, which aims at delivering a quality product providing effective solutions and simplifying the automation processes with minimum human intervention

With nearly 59% of business processes on the verge of getting fully automated by 2022, the tool designed by Copernicus is already a step ahead for prestigious business organizations.

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