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Smartsheet as PM Tool

Smartsheet: 5 Reasons To Use This Project Management Tool

With work going digital, so has planning and project management!

The need for collaboration and communication has become ten-fold with the majority of an organization’s work being done online.

And the best way to solve this pickle is to use a project management tool.

Take different jobs within the same company as jigsaw pieces and your key objective as the completed puzzle.

Then the project management tool is your trick to view the whole picture at once!

Since this SaaS domain is so much in demand, there is also healthy competition for such software in the market!

But if you do a clear introspection of them all, as we have, you’ll come out with a clear winner.


Trumping the likes of Trello and Asana, Smartsheet has come to be the undisputed winner of the project management battle. Enterprises as far apart as bakeries and pharma companies are using Smartsheet for project management.

But wait, before I move on to why we decided to settle upon Smartsheet for project management, let me clear all your doubts!

What is Smartsheet?

Smartsheet is a collaborative software that will assist you to ace the planning, execution and reporting departments of your enterprise.

It allows seamless workflow under workflow automation and enables the enterprise to react and adapt to change with a user-friendly, code-free and scalable platform.

Why should I use Smartsheet?

I’ll admit, I don’t take to new software very kindly.

I tend to read a million reviews, ask tons of customer support questions and then move ahead for the free trial.

But Smartsheet was one of the rare software I liked at first glance.

The features, the collaboration and ease-of-use appealed to me while I was surfing their website.

But true to my modus operandi, I followed my usual screening procedure.

And guess what, within a day, I was advertising Smartsheet to my seniors!

But lucky for you, you don’t need to wade through blogs and reviews, because we’ve got you!

Read on to find out why we at Copernicus are totally smitten by this project management tool!

  1. Collaborative

Collaboration lays the cornerstone of productivity in an enterprise- small, small-medium or large.

And this doesn’t entail only informing team members of progress but has a multi-level function of planning, organizing, prioritizing and coordinating.

And unlike most other project management platforms, you need not share the entire work, but just the parts your team member needs!

And now for the USP that truly makes Smartsheet, a “collaborative software”.

Update Requests.

Suppose in a particular spreadsheet, only two rows contain work done by a certain team member, say Joe.

Smartsheet allows you to send Joe update requests for ONLY those two rows!

And his reply is immediately tabled into his rows!

All these, directly and indirectly, lead to trust-building among co-workers and you can easily share required work with team members, juniors and seniors – whether or not they have a Smartsheet account!

2. Simple and Intuitive

 Smartsheet started off like any other spreadsheet app.

But over the years, it has evolved into much more than a simple spreadsheet with formulas and tables.

Unlike Excel and Google Sheets, it relies much more on images and visuals to make it a friendlier software to use daily.

Let’s look at the 3 factors that make Smartsheet a “smart spreadsheet”.

  • Columns

Smartsheet allows you to customize your spreadsheet to a great degree, and this is one of the prime reasons why using Smartsheet for project management is a genius idea.

Here, you can decide a particular data type for columns.

It may be texts, checkboxes or even plain symbols.

To make your job look even simpler, Smartsheet has a set of built-in symbols for attributes like decisions, priority and directions.

  • Hierarchy

With something as simple as a click, you can create divisions within rows and columns to give rise to a certain hierarchy.

This will enable you to depict parent-child relationships via indented rows and collapsible sections.

  • Images

Whatever spreadsheet or project management tool you use, fitting images into the cells can be worth a good lot of trouble!

Either the image hangs from the top of the cell, or it fits into the tiny lower-left corner.

But not with Smartsheet!

The software has been programmed to fit the image within the cell, without any resizing.

3. Integration

This is precisely where Smartsheet had me.

Integrations and add-ons!

Trello and Asana allow a handful of simple add-ons. But Smartsheet lets you add multiple integrations- including the robust Zapier.

With Zapier, Slack and other integrations, you can connect team members and your favorite apps in a single place, making work and communication seem like a piece of cake!

4. Holistic view of your enterprise

An important feature of Smartsheet from the project management view is Smartsheet Sights.

With this feature of Smartsheet, you can view your entire project at any level of detail you choose.

The software takes the information and displays it in varied ways and levels of details, exactly how the viewer intends to look at it.

5. Reduce tax reporting

For larger enterprises with numerous stakeholders, collecting data of each and tabling them is a whole job in itself!

But with Smartsheet, you can build spreadsheets for each of the resources where you collate the data from- HR, Sales, Marketing etc. and then combine them all to get a final picture of shareholder activities.

In case you’re a little unsure about the final picture, the Report Builder feature will walk you through the whole process.

All this data should be enough for you to be sold.

But in case that shred of doubt is still dangling, you can always reach out to us!

Copernicus Consulting is a Value-Added Distributor for Smartsheet for the South Asia and South-East Asia region and any help regarding their functionalities can be cleared by us!

We’ve solved an issue or two for many of our clients with Smartsheet, and we can do it for you too!

Hit us up now!

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