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Top 5 Master Data Management Solutions

Want to boost business with better data management?

Looking to centralize and organize your data for a spike in sales and revenue?

Tired of those data silos that lead to delay and inefficiency?

Then we’ve got just the solution for you- one that Fortune 500 companies have been quick to adopt!

Master data management solutions.

With master data management software, you pool all your company data into a centralized repository to aid sales, marketing and day-to-day operations of your enterprise!

Before we get into why master data management is the gift that keeps giving, let us walk you through this new data management technique that has all the biggies in the IT industry running to top vendors for the best solutions.

What is master data management?

Master data management aims to get all your data together at a centralized location so that your enterprise information has a single authoritative view.

What are the benefits of master data management?

  1. Connects all data required from your CRM, ERP and even e-commerce platform to give you an all-round view of your enterprise information.
  2. Allows you to redivert your attention from mundane, technical issues to think tanks and activities which can help boost sales.
  3. Makes sure you are not letting unprofitable activities rid you of essential resources and workforce.
  4. Ends up helping you in providing highly customized service and products to your customers. No data silos – which means all your customer information is at a single accessible location and you can uniquely cater to each!

So now you know- You need MDM. 

You want MDM.

The next hurdle?

Choosing a vendor for master data management solutions who will be in sync with your wishes and the needs of your enterprise.

Good for you, we’ve hunted down the best five and in the next few minutes, you will have read about the benefits and features they offer.

Here you go!

Top Master Data Management Vendors:

  1. Smartsheet

Database management and big data management is one of Smartsheet’s fortes! 

Smartsheet’s master data management software uses data management best practices to ensure:

  • Data is secure throughout its lifecycle (from creation to deletion)
  • All compliance risks are met, and you are safe from legal dangers.
  • Professional training for your IT team
  • The high-speed performance of data-driven applications.

The benefits of master data management software are:

  • Quick recovery of data after a crash
  • Minimize duplication and reduce total cost of operations
  • Secure access via all devices
  • Enhance business intelligence and corporate performance management.

Smartsheet has been revolutionary in providing top healthcare and pharma companies like Roche and Karyopharm with best data management software and solutions.

So much so, that all those you use Smartsheet are later unable to manage any of it without the help of Smartsheet dashboards.

2. Informatica

Informatica is definitely the most popular provider of master data management solutions, and they rightly define master data management as the “glue that binds your system and information together.”

They provide end-to-end solutions- both on-premise and in the cloud.


The advanced artificial intelligence tricks they use to power their master data management solutions that sets them miles ahead of others.

How does Informatica keep give you an edge over others?

  • Single, authoritative view of critical data
  • 360-degree view of company information
  • Deep insight into customer behaviour by using all interaction and engagement information

But the diverse features of their master data management solutions are what makes them one of the best master data management vendors:

  • Multidomain MDM
  • Identity Resolution
  • Customer 360 Insights
  • Supplier 360
  • MDM Accelerators

3. Profisee

    Low cost + 3rd party integration = Rapid growth

    Profisee may be the new kid on the block. Still, their revolutionary master data management and high customer satisfaction rate has helped it go toe-to-toe with Smartsheet and Informatica.

Their PaaS (platform as a service) deployment for master data management solutions has been hailed as unique and extremely effective.

Their tagline “build and ensure enterprise data” speaks to their commitment regarding building and safeguarding enterprise data.

How will the Profisee master data management software help you?

  • Improve the quality of data
  • Enforce all compliance regulations
  • Get rid of data silos and unify data across multiple systems.

The feature you should be excited the most about?

Multi-Domain MDM.

Their multi-domain MDM is celebrated as the best provided by any vendor and a whopping 83% of their customers go ahead and implement a second domain within a year.

Another mind-boggling statistic?

403% ROI.

Sat what?!

And if you’re still not convinced, here’s three of their satisfied customers- Bacardi, Volvo and Intel.

4. IBM MDM Solutions

The best choice for hybrid cloud solutions, IBM MDM, comes with a variety of helpful integrations and a handful of features to make your job a piece of cake.

However, what has made IBM’s master data management solutions so popular is the fact that it is scalable and can be used by a plethora of companies of varying sizes.

IBM distributes its master data management solutions under the exclusive Infosphere brand, and the three leading solutions available are:

  • IBM Infosphere Master Data Management
  • IBM Infosphere Master Data Management Collaborative Edition
  • IBM Infosphere Master Data Management Reference Data Management Hub

    Features that will convince you this is precisely what you need for safe storage, access and usage of data:

  • Agile self-service access to trusted data
  • Entity insight with analytical MDM
  • Consent management
  • Optimization of master data environments.

Their range of master data management solutions has helped entities like Sonoma County of California and Zion Bancorporation safeguard sensitive information regarding citizens and use it to study customer behaviour, respectively.

5. Stibo System Master Data Management

Eliminate data silos.

Create a central data repository.

Use this for competitive advantage,

Stibo Systems truly has a compelling and straightforward master data management plan.

What are the major benefits Stibo Systems can help you with?

  • Boost operational efficiency
  • Hike business agility
  • Bring about quick digital transformation
  • Mitigate compliance risks
  • Deliver personalized experiences.

Their range of cloud-native SaaS solutions for maser data management:

  • Multi-domain MDM
  • Product MDM
  • Customer MDM
  • Supplier MDM
  • Product Data Syndication

Stibo Systems is a favorite because of its speedy automation tools and its memory-driven performance.

Brands like Newell and Peak Performance swear by Stibo, and it may be an excellent option for you too!

Now that we’ve laid it all out for you, you can go ahead and pick one that suits your enterprise the best!

And if you choose to pick Smartsheet, you’re one clever entrepreneur!

Drop us a call, and we’ll reach out to you with a demo and a consultation call!

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