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Why Collaborative Work Management Is The Key To Increased Productivity ?

It’s the 21st century.

Data is backed up digitally and all communication happens online. 

Though this massive improvement in the business process and the automation that comes with it have made the job quicker, they have introduced their own slew of issues too.

The main roadblock?


Work is fragmented.

Data retrieval is time-consuming.

Communication between team members is cumbersome.

Whatever time you save in accomplishing the real job is wasted in rummaging for data and tracking down emails.

Ultimately decreasing the overall productivity and efficiency of the team.

But there must be a solution.

For efficient communication.

For centralized data storage.

For more transparency and accountability.

Oh, wait. There is!

Collaborative Work Management.

What is collaborative work management?

Collaborative work management is how a single, centralized platform is provided to team members for a project, which they can use for easy access to data, efficient communication, and quick updates.

In most cases, this is achievable with a dedicated collaborative work management software whose platforms and parameters can be customized according to your business needs.

Benefits of Collaborative Work Management

Collaborative work management software is a godsend. All data, doubts, updates, and queries can be housed under a single platform to create a streamlined project management process. As a result, most companies have found an unprecedented rise in efficiency and productivity post using a work management software.

Let’s take a close look at the benefits they provide us with:

  1. Location is no more a hindrance

    Unlike old times, team members need not be buddies in adjacent cubicles to get the work done efficiently. They may be on separate continents and yet get it done as well. These collaboration softwares are especially boons for remote teams- providing a time tracker, productivity tracker, and an easy communication platform.

2. Single location for all communication

Looking for that ONE email that provided an answer to your question among a thousand other work emails is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Software like Smartsheet and Slack offers you a single dashboard or page where you stack all your data and the team’s goals, progress, and deadlines. 

All changes and updates are made here so that you need not send and receive a barrage of emails every time there is an update to the project.

3. Transparency for stakeholders

Accountability and transparency are significant issues when you are working on projects that have multiple stakeholders. A central platform where all progress is reported is the best way to go to keep all stakeholders posted on every update. It becomes easier for the stakeholders and project managers to spot the errors and rectify them quicker this way.

4. Huge time-saver

All your team members can see that update you made on the collaborative platform.

So, say goodbye to unnecessary meetings and official video calls. You needn’t even keep updating spreadsheets.

Data management and project visibility aren’t burdens anymore!

You can sit back and contribute to creating innovative solutions for your issues now!

5. Prepares you to tackle change

Say a vital revision is made to your project. First, you inform your team members. Then, you plan who does what and finally convey the required messages to each other via email. Do you think you can still make the deadline?

If your team is somewhere in the hundreds, then no!

This is where project management tools like Smartsheet come in handy – all the changes are posted on a dashboard for everyone to see. Team members can have an open discussion about roles and then go ahead with their jobs.

And voila, the job is done in a jiffy, and there is no need to extend the deadline.

6. It inspires innovation within the team.

Since the team members are not busy chasing emails and rummaging for data, they have more time to do their real jobs and do it well. With more time, they have a fresher perspective of the project and its goals and provide better solutions for the problems!

Top Collaborative Work Management Tools

So now you know – merely using software has a six-fold benefit for you and your business. 

Then let’s go down to the next piece of business- which software will you go for?

The project management tool market is booming, and new players are entering every single day. So it is becoming increasingly challenging to choose one.

We’ll run through our favorites here, and then you can take a pick!

  1. Smartsheet

Our top choice. 

We have been using Smartsheet for a while now, and it just makes project management feel like a breeze.

Not just collaborative work management, Smartsheet has excellent solutions for data and budget management as well. Smartsheet dashboards have helped biggies like Ogilvy, Karyopharm, and Crain stay on top of their game!

2. Slack

        The best solution for smaller teams.

You can post your work and data for your teammates to view and review. It makes communication between smaller teams seamless.

Also, it has a plethora of third-party integrations that you can use to harness all the data you need.

Slack makes sure that teams interact well, work together, and accomplish tasks quicker.

3. Microsoft Teams

If your company is already using Microsoft tools for other jobs, there is really no better addition!

It has video calling facilities and is mainly used by larger teams for handling meetings, changes, and updates.

It syncs to OneDrive, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, so you can pull the required files from your cloud. These integrations make sure you needn’t keep copying and sending your documents back and forth.

4. Dropbox

        Store. Share. Comment.

        Dropbox is made for teams and efficient handling of workload.

        Just put your file up and wait for your team members to take a good look at it.

        All suggested edits and recommendations in one place. No wonders Fortune 500 companies are all going gaga over this!

These are the tools we came up with on thorough research.

Though you’re always free to look up more, you need not!

Collaborative work management isn’t something you want.

It’s something you need.

Because competition is getting tougher and tougher out there, neither you nor your teams can afford to waste time pushing emails back and forth and routinely updating spreadsheets.

You need to free up time for the top talents to come up with top-notch solutions.

And this is where Smartsheet can aid you.

In the market for over a decade, it now provides project management and data management solutions to Fortune 500 companies spread over all continents.

It has streamlined processes and communication with its unique dashboard system. 

The dashboard holds data, objectives, deadlines, updates, and comments.

But that’s not even the best part!

It is entirely customizable, and the business gets to decide the parameters on their dashboard.

It feels like the software has been entirely decided for you!

So if you want the Smartsheet magic to work on you, drop us a call or email. We’ll be on it ASAP!


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