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CIO Solutions

CIO Solutions deal with the very crux of your business.
Data. Human Resources. Process Management.
Planning and development. Onboarding and training. Consulting and management. The day to day running of your business depends on the smooth running of the CIO services. 
Hiring a consulting company to oversee your CIO services on a daily basis is the smart thing to do.
These companies can be a real game-changer when it comes to the process and case management for your company. They can automate certain processes, come up with online onboarding and training softwares for freshers and even guarantee successful test automation for you.
They can set you up for success on multiple platforms by building portals, chatbots and mobile apps which will give you several avenues for marketing and advertising.
Just come up with the strategy and let us do the heavy lifting.

CMO Solutions

In the competitive world of digital marketing, the only way to win is to stay ahead of others.
Everybody is using the same tools and spending unprecedented amounts of money on their marketing campaigns.
So how do customers tell you apart?
Lead them to you!
Use the latest technologies in marketing automation, predictive analytics and video analytics to track user activities.
Follow and nurture the leads. Engage and upsell to customers.
Use the data and tools at your disposal to build an unbeatable branding strategy that will place you miles ahead of others in the ruthless game of marketing.

CFO Solutions

Infor’s suite of management software is exactly what you need to transform your business. 
This groundbreaking suite is multifunctional and can practically run the whole enterprise for you!
SunSystems to integrate all your financial data and processes into a single unit. Asset Management software to boost asset efficiency and lifespan. Dynamic Enterprise Management to plan and optimize your workforce. Analytics to dig up data from all applications and platforms to knit into a single framework. Business Intelligence suite to mine your data and give you functional working models.
It covers the entire spectrum of business management.
Don’t be late to the party. Opt for the Infors suite now!


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Team up with Copernicus Consulting to seize the top berth in your field!

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Digital Commerce offerings to scale digital agility

We offer end-to-end Digital Commerce services which transform the way our clients engage and transact with their customers in today’s multi-channel landscape. Infosys has invested in solution accelerators, frameworks and tools that work in concert to help optimize the quality of performance and synergy across the various stages of a Digital Commerce transformation program.

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